Other Resources Available at Camp Vanier

Multi Purpose Buildings

Each Multi Purpose Building sleeps 17 people each. The Multi Purpose Buildings are heated (forced air - gas furnace) and have power.  User groups will often use the Multi Purpose Buildings in conjunction with the White Elephant for a less rustic camping experience.


A small outdoor chapel is available for Scouts Own ceremonies, group activities, training or for some quiet reflection in the woods.

Twin Pines Campsite

The twin pines campsite is for more remote self contained camping. Only accessible through a short hike from the road, the site is open and good for tenting or as a location for activities.

Beaver Pond

The Beaver Pond is located at the far end of Camp Vanier and is intended to provide a self-contained back country camping experience. Located beside a pond that is separate from Ethel Lake, it is also great destination for a hiking trip, day outing, or as an outdoor activity location.  There is an outhouse located at the Beaver Pond.